Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Anorexia Nervosa

I've been browsing and fixing my files on my pc and one of the most scattered files are my student files. Me as a graduate of nursing, you will expect medical notes/files in my pc, these are lectures, homeworks or projects we have here in school. I just thought of sharing my researches in the world rather that just leave my files in my pc and get rotten. This is one of them. Anorexia Nervosa: one of the most common eating disorders, person with this disorder are not aware of their condition. If you know someone that you could relate to this article, maybe you could help them.

The word anorexia means "loss of appetite," Anorectics—95 percent of whom are women—often have a normal appetite but because of an abnormal fear of being fat and a distorted body image, they're convinced that they're obese and refuse to eat. Anorexia is considered a psychological disorder because there is no known physical cause for the extreme weight loss associated with the condition. You may be anorectic if you:

• Lose at least 25 percent of your original weight.
• Have not had a physical or mental illness that could have caused the weight loss.
• Think of yourself as fat even if you're not.
• Fear being overweight and losing control over your eating behavior.
• Refuse to eat enough to maintain or return to a normal weight.
• Fail to menstruate for at least three consecutive months.
• Feel that all of your energy is going into controlling your weight.
• Feel that staying hungry is the only way you can avoid becoming fat.

She was afraid to eat.

She lost 25% of her body weight.

She strove for perfection.

Her sexual desires disappeared.

She had angry outbursts.

She stopped having her periods.

She felt isolated.

She was always cold.

She desired control.

She felt weak.

She denied her hunger.

Fine hairs grew on her entire body.

She was depressed.

She suffered from insomnia.

She had a distorted body image.

Her heartbeat was irregular

She craved attention.

She almost died.


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