Thursday, 28 August 2008

Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar dela Hoya battle, confirmed!

Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar Dela Hoya battle, confirmed! Yes, it was so much confirmed that this coming December, in Las Vegas, Pacquiao is going to face Dela Hoya, oh my! This a great match that completes the year. Now that is confirmed, everybody is going to watch out for that, including me, ‘coz I’m a great fan of Pacquiao and this match is really exciting, will Pacquiao beat Dela Hoya? It was said that they are going to fight in a 147 pound weight, and it was Dela Hoya’s last game. Hmm… so it was Dela Hoya’s last game meaning he would do his best to win this game. I’m really excited. Go Pacquiao!

A Blogger Arrested???

Bloggers beware of putting up files on your blogs, songs particularly, i read this news in yahoo entitled "Blogger arrested over leak of Guns N' Roses songs". A blogger was suspected of streaming songs from unreleased Gun N' Roses album "Chinese Democracy" on his Web site. He was arrested last Wednesday and appeared in court, where his bail was set at $10,000, tsk tsk. He then admits his fault. It was said that the release could result in a "significant" financial loss for the band. To see the full story - Click Here -

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Oath taking of new Nurses of 2008 at SMX

Held at SMX Convention Center beside Mall of Asia
Most speeches are a bit boring but some have interesting speech to listen to, most of the time spent was all speeches from different people. Haha… anyways, I’m happy that I’m with my friends that time. The place is too big, but I though having an oath taking in Araneta is much better, this is where the past nuses took their oath. Me and my mom together with some friends get along after the ceremony to have our lunch at Kenny.

Congratz to us new Nurses.. yahooo!!!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Say Hello to my new Laptop.. :)

Say Hello to my new laptop!

Unit: Dell Inspiron 1525 (pink)
With Windows Vista installed – Gotta Catch up with it coz’ my recent pc is only XP.

Actually I like apple green much better but they only have red and pink and so I chose pink! This unit has several colour actually, really beautiful ones…
This is a gift from my mom for passing the board exams I guess… Thanks a lot Mommy!
Now we placed my old pc outside to be used by my brother and cousin...

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Mommy's Coming!!

Yehey!!!... After few months from being away, my mommy will be coming home tomorrow! Actually it's not her schedule to go home, but she's just so happy that i passed my board exam so she will be coming home and have a big celebration! Actually, it's really ok for me not to have this big celebration, simple one is just fine but mommy really wants to have one! I think she's really proud of me! One good news is that... (drum roll) she will be coming home with my Pink Dell Laptop!!! yey!!! i'm so happy and excited!!! i think i will be excited blogging each day with my pink laptop! :) so happy.... :D

P.S. my new site - - have a visit ok??? Keep blogging!! :)

Thursday, 14 August 2008

My Prayer for Board Examination

This is the prayer that I used in my preparation for the lacal board exam that I take, good faith is what makes you motivated, I prayed so hard.. with a lot of hardwork too.. and i passed. I will be sharing my prayer that I used before my exam.

St. Joseph of Cupertino - Patron of Students taking Exams

Oh, St. Joseph of Cupertino who by your prayer obtained from God to be
asked at your examination, the only preposition you know.

Grant that you may like me succeed in the june 2008 NLE. In return, i
promise to make you known and cause you to be invoked.

Oh, St. Joseph of Cupertino pray for me

Oh holy ghost enlighten me

Oh Lady of Good Studies Pray for me

Sacred heart of Jesus, Seat of divine wisdom,

enlighten me.

Hot or Cool House

Starting a new family is starting a new life. Everything should be new especially the environment specifically our home. A family will all start to grow in a single home. Of course all of us have dreamed of having our own house. Like a little girl who has dreamed of having their own Barbie house where they are the one who will fix their own dreamed house, whether they want it simple, grandeur or a unique type of house. Also, we can compare it with a young college student who wants to have his or her own house. He or she may be an architect or an interior designer soon and they want to design their own made and fixed house. Well that is true and even me; I want to have my own house especially designed by me of course. I want my house to be a different one. I want it to be a mixed traditional and contemporary type of house. I also want it to be Oriental mixed with western type of house especially the furniture. I want my house to be very different and I want it to be very comfortable for me to relax and I also want it to be useful in way that it has its own spa room, entertainment room, gym, and everything that I can think of. But one thing that I want my house to have is the fireplace or electric fires or gas fires. I think it is really cool or should I say hot?

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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Halloween Costume Special

I am 20 years old and still excited to wear different kind of costumes during Halloween. Doing this every year makes most people’s year complete. Many people mostly children were doing this for years and it will never change the fact that wearing Halloween costumes excites me a lot and amazes me so much. Costume Cauldron offers the best costumes. Their Halloween costumes can be shipped WORLDWIDE! Children really love to go house to house wearing their favorite eye-catching costumes such as batman costumes or even the furry mascot costumes. Trick or treat wouldn’t be fun without wearing stuffs like this, let us admit that it is part of the special occasion. In fact, what really excites them more than anything else is their very own moment of being someone scary, creepy funny, cute little ones. It sounds funny but of course that’s the fact that will not alter nor change because it is already a part of history.

Many, many years ago, Halloween parties also known as masquerade parties long before it became an annual event for children had been celebrated by adults dressing themselves with their unique costumes. Tricks or treats became well-liked. Children with their spooky, frightening costumes finally unite with the adults in costumes going door to door begging for goodies. Halloween costume history is very historical that affects the modern days. Speaking of modern, a lot of fantastic Halloween costumes had been released and used by many individuals but there is something new and it is by wearing sexy halloween costumes. History never change but it doesn’t just stop right there. Advancement of technology helps a lot in evolving things into a much better and much exciting and cool product. As we face the modern days, to be more fashionable and trendy wearing sexy costumes for Halloween keeps the event more meaningful and enjoyable. Visit for more information.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

USA Online Casinos

Everyone is fond of playing different sports and even good at it. There are a lot of different sports all over the world. What’s new? Nowadays, there’s a game that really make people think and have fun as well. Playing cards are one of those amazing games, a form of past time and for entertainment as well. Casinos are much known place to be. A casino is a facility that houses and accommodates certain types of gambling activities. Online casinos have various online games that are for fun and for real money! And now, you can play casino online! USA online casino as a good example. USA online casinos accept USA players from all American states with no restrictions. Visit for more information.

Friday, 8 August 2008


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Stuffs for Babies

Becoming a first time parent/s is a very exciting part of our life. We became so excited to have our first baby and we want everything to be special. We prepare lots of stuffs like nappies and shoes, blanket and hotdog pillows and lots of toys for our new son or daughter. And as our cute little baby grows up, another set of baby stuffs will be needed. These are stuffs that are needed in traveling like baby pushchairs (which are available at twin or triple pushchair), pram, car seats for babies and others stuffs that our babies will be using. All of the said stuffs are very common nowadays but ofcourse as a new parent/s, we want all our baby stuffs to be of good quality and must be the best.

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Friday, 1 August 2008

Customed Domain - Make Google Index it Fast!

I bought a domain for my solo-flight blogspot blog. I didn't use my main blog (this blog) since it would be my first time to buy, just trying my luck whether I can do it on my own. And I don' t want anything wrong to happen on this first ever blog of mine. I don't have plans on customizing it's domain. And so I use my other blog, bought it's domain in and there.. I just follow few instructions in blogger in customizing your domain. I encountered some problems like my blog didn't showed up after a day so I researched, read and got some tips.. Luckily, after doing some steps, my blog did show up in just 5 minutes! That was a very nice tip that I got from my research. Then after that, I'm having problems now on how to make google index my new domain fast. I got worried when I realized that some people took months before making their sites indexed in google. I really did my best (all by myself) to explore things.... read more of my story..

Visit my newly customed domain to read the whole story -


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