Monday, 7 July 2008

Rain Rain..! Go Away???

oh no it's raining so heavily again, i've heard in the news that there are a big number of typhoon that the Philippines will encounter this year, and bad news is that some of them is compared to typhoon frank that really made a big problem to most people in this country. I hope everybody would be ready and i just hope that typhoons will never again give harm to people. It's really sad that many have lost their loved ones, main cause? Typhoon!

Well anyways, just missing my school days, but just a bit... months past whenever there are heavy rains like this, i'm in my classroom staring at the window and see how heavy the rain is. And most often classes are dismissed due to heavy typhoon.*Which is a good news to most students! I remember when our parents got angry when the rain pours so heavily in the morning and yet there are no announcement still that there would be suspension of classes, in the middle of the day, the rain never stopped and this is only the time when they announced that classes are suspended. And when we are about to get home, flood is too high already and we are having difficulty going home because of that. Stupid people, they must know the right time on when to suspend classes. And one funny thing, sometimes they announce that classes are suspended tomorrow and when that day comes, the sun is shining so bright above the sky and the weather is so good as fine. Whatever!!! haha... at least we don't have classes even though it's not raining anymore.. :)

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AJ said...

ang cute ng portal mo..:)

congrats nga pala for the FTBW nomination..

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ps: oh, i mis the pinoy rains

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