Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Emjie?? How About Emjei... :)

It has been my problem ever since, poeple linked my Blog as Emjie and not Emjei... haha.. is it really confusing especially if you just have a glaze on this name, read it as Emjie and not Emjei? :) I don't know, I've left a message to most of them, but these past few days I've realized that there are still large number of blogs in my kookalinks that linked me on this name, i just leave them, maybe if i don't have anything to do i'll just leave a message to them one by one and correct my link name on them. haha...

Anyways i'm really thankful that i have been nominated on these 2 contests, Filipino Blog of the Week and Blog Idol 08' of the week, actually I just nominated myself, just to try.. but i never expect that I will be nominated in this two at the same time.. haha, so i hope I could get more votes at anyhow and hope that i could win at any of this contests. Ciao!

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