Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My Pinoy Blog

hi guys!! sorry if i wasn't able to update this blog... I've been working on some of my blogs and busy with other stuffs. If your a pinoy/pinay, you might enjoy my other blog  i am - MAI, I just find it fun to have a pinoy blog and I enjoyed writing my posts... I also enjoyed bloghopping on some of Filipino blogs and enjoyed reading them as well... and was able to gain few new friends.. :)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Credit Problems

Having your first credit card can be very fun because you can have whatever you want to have. By just swiping that precious card into the machine, you can have all those things that you want to have instantly. In times when you are broke, like when you do not have a single coin on your wallet or purse, just get that credit card and in an instant you can shop until you drop. But ofcourse, with all those things that you’ve shopped using your credit card, still you have to pay for it. It’s just a temporary fun and in the end you still need to pay for what you have bought. And when you are out of control, debt consolidation might occur and you’ll end up thinking of how to pay and where to get that money that have accumulated. And this problem of being buried of their debts is very common nowadays. And this problem is also common to the studying students which if not accepted as a challenge may ruin their academic and professional career thus it may also ruin their life. Instead of focusing on their studies, students that have debt problems cannot concentrate easily because they are thinking of where and how to get money to pay their debts.

Some college students may have dropped out of their school just to find ways on how to pay their debts thus, psychological problems like stress and depression might occur that sometimes may lead to suicide. Well with such a problem, I’ve read about this website: http://www.delraycc.com, which offers debt consolidation services and credit counseling to help those who are experiencing stress due to their debt problems. It offers free educational seminars to the public. They give tips in managing debts and there are also testimonials on the website about how a person who experienced debt crisis solved their problem. Try to check it.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Latest Technology News and Updates

If you are looking for the latest technology news and updates, you can find them in Gadget Advisor. Their site focuses on new product releases and new items that are important to us, can be useful and those items that are particularly cool. You can find different news updates and items items like universal remote control, network media player, helpful items like online backup services and many more. The items that they feature can be your best resource of computer hardware, software, gadgets and tech news.


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