Sunday, 20 July 2008

I'm Back!!! Missed Blogging! :(

Hi guys! it's been a very long time, from having net troubles to going on my grandma's place, it's been more than a week I guess??? My grandma's blood pressure went so high that she called me up to accompany her and for me to be able to monitor her Blood Pressure everyday, I've been there for 5 days I guess. Just after we fixed out our internet, which gave me a two to three days break from blogging then my grandma called me to go on her place, reasons for my disappearance here in this blogging world.. oh, i really miss you guys, heard from a friend that I've been nominated again last week, but wasn't able to make it even though (surprisingly) according to him I got the highest votes. Well votes is a great factor for winning but i guess its not enough for me to win it automatically, I did not blog for so long which means, no updates and no posts, no what so ever which I think is the main reason for my loss. But i've been thankful for my supporters and blogger buddies. Dagenuine is my blogger buddy which helped me out on votes, haha.. I didn't forced him to. Anyways, thanks a lot guys for voting!!! And... I've been nominated again!!! this is really crazy... i expect again for your votes guys! :) So from now on expect more from me, starting today... those who had left messages on my kookachat, i'll make sure that i'll attend to it, every single one of them.. Link exchanges and hellos, and whatso ever.. So.. It's nice to be back!! happy Blogging! :)

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