Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I Changed my Layout!

it's my first time to change a layout like this through the codes in the edit HTML of blogger. I just tried and tried until I could get the format that I want. I have another blog, "iAM-MAi", which is a collection of videos, pictures and others, any things that are in my interests, its just fun to share it so I made this blog, but there are just few posts in here, gonna work it our some other time. And so I find a template with a good format, has 3 column but then i thought that the sizes are too small especially the body, so i tried to edit the code, find where to fix. You know how complicated template layout codes are (as for first timers). And i tried to be careful as well... always have a preview first of the outcome on every code I change and don't ever click save! so that I would not repeat all over. again. So now, the first picture is the original layout, i forgot to capture the image of the old template. i just got this in technorati thats why the image is smaller. The second one is the edited one. Bigger body and everthe side bars have bigger widths, changed the header too... I really explore the code. So there.. happy to share it with you! :)


haze said...

Nice layout! Btw here and made votes for you. Your kokaaboo is leading.

Have a great day!

MakeTraffic said...

Hi, i voted for you. Hope it is not too late. Cheers!


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