Thursday, 21 August 2008

Oath taking of new Nurses of 2008 at SMX

Held at SMX Convention Center beside Mall of Asia
Most speeches are a bit boring but some have interesting speech to listen to, most of the time spent was all speeches from different people. Haha… anyways, I’m happy that I’m with my friends that time. The place is too big, but I though having an oath taking in Araneta is much better, this is where the past nuses took their oath. Me and my mom together with some friends get along after the ceremony to have our lunch at Kenny.

Congratz to us new Nurses.. yahooo!!!!


Camille said...

congratulations! good for you! my brother passed the last board exams as well. in fact, they'll be having a party today.

Josh of Arabia said...

you've sown too much!..its reaping time!.

congratulations dear lil' sis in blogging...galing - galing naman :) im proud/hapi for u..

cute nyo naman sa white uniform..

ps: pakcheck na lang po ung url add na nailagay ko kung tama..

btw, txs sa votes ha..we've won on the 2nd week pala.

sho said...

NIghtingale? U folks have a heart of gold and tons of patience in your work. I have a few nurse friends here. Enjoy your working life!

MJ Ces said...

Hi and congratulations!

I was just surprised to find a blog that says 'Emjei Says'.

You'll understand when you see my name.


Have a lovely day!


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