Friday, 1 August 2008

Customed Domain - Make Google Index it Fast!

I bought a domain for my solo-flight blogspot blog. I didn't use my main blog (this blog) since it would be my first time to buy, just trying my luck whether I can do it on my own. And I don' t want anything wrong to happen on this first ever blog of mine. I don't have plans on customizing it's domain. And so I use my other blog, bought it's domain in and there.. I just follow few instructions in blogger in customizing your domain. I encountered some problems like my blog didn't showed up after a day so I researched, read and got some tips.. Luckily, after doing some steps, my blog did show up in just 5 minutes! That was a very nice tip that I got from my research. Then after that, I'm having problems now on how to make google index my new domain fast. I got worried when I realized that some people took months before making their sites indexed in google. I really did my best (all by myself) to explore things.... read more of my story..

Visit my newly customed domain to read the whole story -


Lynn said...

Congratulations on your new domain. Back to zero ka niyan so u should work hard with regards to the traffic and stuff. Been thinking of getting a domain myself pero saka na siguro.

Happy Sunday!

sundhar said...

hi getting indexed in google is not a problem it will take a week to get listed.all the best.make your remaining sites as domain

Blogger said...

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