Thursday, 14 August 2008

Hot or Cool House

Starting a new family is starting a new life. Everything should be new especially the environment specifically our home. A family will all start to grow in a single home. Of course all of us have dreamed of having our own house. Like a little girl who has dreamed of having their own Barbie house where they are the one who will fix their own dreamed house, whether they want it simple, grandeur or a unique type of house. Also, we can compare it with a young college student who wants to have his or her own house. He or she may be an architect or an interior designer soon and they want to design their own made and fixed house. Well that is true and even me; I want to have my own house especially designed by me of course. I want my house to be a different one. I want it to be a mixed traditional and contemporary type of house. I also want it to be Oriental mixed with western type of house especially the furniture. I want my house to be very different and I want it to be very comfortable for me to relax and I also want it to be useful in way that it has its own spa room, entertainment room, gym, and everything that I can think of. But one thing that I want my house to have is the fireplace or electric fires or gas fires. I think it is really cool or should I say hot?

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