Sunday, 23 March 2008

10 Recent Things That Made Me Happy

Thanks to Gracie for this tag. You're a true Chic.. Haha!!!  style=

I think I'll have a hard time, five would be fine but 10?? haha.. just joking... ok here it is...

1. Vacation this Holy Week, I'm tired of attending classes. Speaking of classes it will resume again tomorrow... Nah!!!

2. Step up 2!!! just watched it few hours ago and it was cool!!! i love those kind of movies, the girl was so pretty and the guy was so hot! they are both cool dancers.

3. Was able to receive many opps for my other site, and finished all of it ahead of time, just tiring... but i'm happy.

4. The Japanese Party of my friend that I attended last week, that was a fun party.

5. Excited that my mom will come home from abroad, with his step father. yeah...

6. Excited that my graduation is just few weeks from now, that was on April 11, please remember guys.. :)

7. Now I'm running out of happiness.. no just joking... uhm... hmmm.... yeah.. Being admired???? by someone??? Nah... That's my bestfriend's cousin, that has a crush on me??? haha.. just joking.. i like talking to him, nope through text only.. he's crazy..

8. Being a certified, true blogger.. did i just felt it recently?? nah... i'm just happy being a blogger..

9. American Idol makes my every week exciting, it's the only show I watch on TV, yah... it's the only reason why i open up the tv on my room. I'm a big fan of David Cook and Michael Johns, they rock!!! and Ramielle just for being a Filipina like me but i do like the 2 boys more.

10. Lastly, for being here, still standing, being alive, despite of all those struggles I had a couple of months ago, that includes my studies, and... hmmm... break up??? :p I felt that i haven't overcome this but still... I'm trying to be strong and happy!!!! be happy! be Happy ! be Happy!!!

Thanks for reading Guys!!!
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with my crazy friend Kukai, she loves pouting.. haha


Liza said...

thanks emjei! will let you know as soon as it's up ;)

happy easter!

natz said...

hehe thanks emjei! have a good easter =)

Precious said...

thanks sis. I will post it in my blog later! Have a happy Easter.


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