Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Where is my PR??? Bring It Back... Please???

It's been few months now since I started this Personal Blog of mine. I don't have that knowledge about Page Rankings and all that, it's importance and others. Time passes through and my PR started to grow without me noticing and suddenly realized that I already gained a PR3 from this blog. Others may not see its importance but for me, it is like a reward or what and to think that it is my first ever blog or site, and started without so much knowledge on how to build sites and others, still consider myself as newbie and got a PR of that's already a big thing for me. I already did many things from this blog and just learned how to monetize from it coz i have no idea at first that i can earn through blogging. Others concluded that a certain paid post service may be the reason behind this bad news. If it would been true, oh boy I'm a victim... I'm still hoping that my pr will soon come back to its normal rank.... I'll just cross my fingers to that. Maybe you could help me know what's goin' on here... I need a good explanation or advices maybe...


carlota said...

PR nowadays is not guarantee anymore. it's gogol faults. swrte2x na lang.

Ritchelle said...

the time i have my first blog, i was rewarded with a page rank of 5 until i joined these blogging sites and goole took it wala nay ayo lagi.

it matters to me kay advertisers prefer to choose blogs with PR man beh.

thanks for the visit!

Amy said...

apirrr! me too had experienced it with my other blog. last month my PR 4 was also down to a flat PR 0. sakit kaau sa dughan:(

btw, salamat diay sa bisita. sure we can exchange link. i'll add u now.. don't forget mine too. thanks


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