Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Last Duty Ever... Tomorrow... :p

Ok... after my sleep this night, I'll wake up and have our last duty ever!!! woooooh!!! So, we are having this community duty this past three weeks now, doing health teachings on different diseases and stuff... building rapport to people, hanging around, cleaning up the streets....yeah... What's that all about..??? nothing much.. :p So after every community duty a group must have something to help or contribute to the community, so we planned on giving out trashcans around 60 of them and spread it all over the community, this would happen tomorrow. Hopefully this would help on the betterment of the community's environment and we hope that they would be responsible enough to make use of their trashcans properly and all that. So happy duty to me... oooppss!!! that's still tomorrow....

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