Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Last Hospital Duty Day in the Ward

Finally, we're done on our scheduled hospital duties for the semester. We would be in the community duty for the the last three weeks. Last few weeks we had our duties in the ward of different hospitals. I'm happy that this is our last day but i will surely miss those toxicated days of my life. Handling so many patients is disastrous.

Being "toxic" or "toxicated" ??? Hmmm.. how should I describe these words?
  • Being assigned to six or more patients,
  • taking their vital signs "q1" or every hour, "q2" for every two hours,
  • mostly bedridden patients,
  • your clinical instructor told you to change the bed linens of all your patients,
  • your clinical instructor requires you to bath bedridden patients
  • giving them their medicines, not only one but some patients has a dozen different medications to take,
  • and bad thing is that your clinical instructor would ask you first the indication of that drug, contraindications and all that before giving it to patients.
  • charting and writing on Nurses notes
  • checking out if doctors made rounds, check their orders and carried them out
And other special procedures... Whew.. really tiring that you just want to cry and go home at that moment.

Anyways, next week is our community duty. We will go to a community, visit families, do health teachings, provide them with leaflets and other stuffs,do surveys, make programs and all that. This is much easier than that of duties in the hospital. But the bad news is that... it's nearly summer!!! it's really hot nowadays especially in the afternoon and we're in the community walking around and visiting different homes... we are scheduled 8am to 3pm, so bringing umbrella is a must.. !!!! So goodluck to our group.. may our community duty be exciting, memorable, not tiring and I'm praying for a good climate... yipee!!!!

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