Friday, 15 February 2008

Very Busy Day

I woke up in the morning with so much plans for today. Midterm exam was a bit tough yesterday and now, our rest day. No classes so I think of things that would make my day. These past few days my aunt and i planned to repaint the living room and so it happened and we also decided to also include my room.. cool.. and i can chose whatever color i want which is lime green. My aunt hired a person to paint the living room but we are so disappointed because this man was so slow and just abusing the 300 pesos per day, meaning he works so slow so that he could still come back the other day and get paid.

It's been four days and he's not yet done so I decid
ed to paint my room myself, I sometimes help in paintings before like painting the doors and cabinets but this is my first time to paint a large part of the house.. the painting turned out nice... I started at 11 am, stopped at around 1.30pm because my cousin will attend their prom and she asked me to do her make up and hair, we finished at around 3pm, i continued my work had a break after an hour, my aunt made me french fries for snacks. :) and pursue my work after I finished painting my room with 2 coatings at around 6 pm. And it's not over, i have to cook something for tomorrow's class, I used to sell foods every saturday since our schedule is whole day and everybody need foods!!!.. I sell pastries, baked products like pizza roll or empanadas. A very tiring day but it's good that i accomplish so many things today.
i proudly compare my self to these bee that is hardworki
ng and can do a lot of things... :)

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