Monday, 28 January 2008

Funny Thing

We are having our hospital duty in the ward that day... As students we don't take the full responsibility in the ward so for few moments we had talks if there is nothing to do and was joking around to make time pass through without us noticing.

One time, two of my groupmates Nico and Shappy were chatting, talking about how fat they are,
Nico said "Look at my tummy, eventhough it's kinda big, it's firm! (while holding his tummy), look at Ron (knowing that his groupmate was beside him), Ron's tummy is big but soft" (while holding the other persons tummy, and really really touching and rubbing it). At that moment everyone started to laugh out loud because it was not Ron's tummy that he was touching and rubbing but it was the Nurse itself working in the station. HahaHa... He was so ashamed that he don't know what to do... He apologized and good thing this nurse was kind and just laugh... a really funny moment for that day....

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