Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Whatta Day For all of us...

I just came from our hospital duty, a bit tired and had a little headache but still... happenings this morning was so *%#*=+#@!!!! i just can't describe the feeling... we are about to go to the hospital for our duty, it was around 5:30 in the morning and it was still dark, 6 of us is in the car including the driver which is also our group mate. We are so late that Ron(the one driving) drove the car so fast cause we still have a long way to travel in order for us to get there.

The car was very fast that we accidentally hit a pushcart/mini rolling store of goto and other stuffs while it was crossing along the street and we never realized that it was there, its too late when we
saw it.. like it just appeared in front of the car while we are driving too fast, the pushcart was totally wrecked that everything that was on it really stumbled down the road. Everything ran so fast, good thing we hit the cart itself not the people who are pushing it. The front of the car was a little wrecked, some of us was a bit hurt because of the impact and for pressing the breaks of the car while we are driving so fast, most of us got bruises.. but we are ok... And one thing.. Police headquarters is just a few steps away from the incident and so.. we settled everything there. Ron called his dad to help us fix the problem, Ron's dad said we must still have our duty so we decide to commute to be able to get there.. whatta day.. such a traumatizing experience...

Police Headquarters is just a few steps away from the incident site

Front of the car full of goto.. haha..

*we have a picture of the wrecked cart but my groupmate was not able to send it now.. maybe after sometime...

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