Monday, 21 January 2008

Nursing Home Still Goes On

As a nursing student, I am familiar with different health care institutions that are really helpful for patients, we are able to have a duty in a nursing home for elderly and it was a nice experience. We pity these old people but we have realized that for some it is better that they've been admitted there rather than to be with their family that didn't mind them at all nor give them the proper care that they need.

Nursing homes is said to be a facility for care for patients that are not really that sick to demand hospital care but for those who are not able to stay at home. Mostly, these nursing homes include elderly patients, those who had ill or had chronic or long term diseases that are sometimes irreversible and those with disabling disorders. At first medical and nursing care were minimal but today nursing home plays an active role in health care. Most nursing homes had very well trained staffs that treats the residents well. They are guiding and helping their patients to be prepared to live at home or with a family member as a much as possible. It is a good alternative for elderly people who had for example a very mild disease which has in need of proper care only than having them on expensive hospitals. But sometimes, we must think first and be considerate on putting elderly people in nursing homes, if we can and if we are still able to, then we must be the one who must give the care that they deserve but of course, if there's nothing that we can do, nursing home could be the best place for them.

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