Wednesday, 18 June 2008

SocialSpark is Here!

SocialSpark is now here! I've created my own profile and so far it was good, I've added my other blog since this blog is not accepted due to some reason but they given me an advise on how would I meet their requirement then I can pass again this blog and hopefully it will be accepted by them! I thought it was a good one where you could absolutely enjoy being a blogger and at the same time, advertise and earn some for yourself. SocialSpark is a social media marketing, where bloggers can communicate with other bloggers and even communicate with their advertisers too. It allows Advertisers and Bloggers to interact and even engage in marketing relationships which is so much beneficial to us bloggers. Just like friendster, you can add them as your friends and send messages to anyone. Same as friendster but different in the sense that it is a community of bloggers and advertisers, cool isn't it? Here you have to help and be friendly to others to be able to have a good profile which attracts advertisers. Really creative and i enjoy since I started my own profile. Now my goal is to have a lot of friends and to some friendly acts to get the votes of my co-bloggers. You will definitely understand what I am talking about if you will sign up and be a member of SocialSpark Community! (This is a sponsored post) ;p

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