Sunday, 29 June 2008

Pacquiao Wins over Diaz: Pacquiao - The new WBC Lightweight Champion of the World

Pacquiao did it! He is now the new WBC Lightweight Champion of the World. I'm so lucky I've watched it live because of my brother. The game was so intense, i really have no background of this fighter "Diaz" but before the game starts, I heard that Diaz was quoted as "Dangerous Diaz" which made the fight more thrilling to watch. I just love boxing only if Pacquiao battles. The game starts well in favor of Pacquiao. I really thought that Pacquiao would be able to bring Diaz down at an early round but still, with so many punches that Paquiao delivered (very strong jabs and all that ), Diaz was still standing and you will really see that his endurance was so strong. Throughout the game Pacquiao was the one who gave the most punches and I think Diaz's score was not even half of Pacquiao's. Funny commentators, they are saying that if the opponent was not Diaz maybe it was kneeling down towards Pacquiao, begging to stop! Haha...and a horse would definitely be knocked out by this punches, but Diaz was really strong! I'm really amazed that he was able to stand those very big punches Pacquiao gave, he was like an Ironman or somehthing! They are also saying that Diaz was known for staying in the game for many rounds but knock's the opponent down at maybe around 9th or 10th round, so this made the game more thrilling. But this time, Pacquiao as his opponent, he never made it. On the 9th round Diaz was knocked down with a high speed punch that Diaz never thought it'll happen, "it was fuckin* fast!" as what he said when he was interviewed. The Philippines are again proud because of Pacquao's victory. This is now the fourth different weight class that Pacquiao has won a title in, he's really the king! The game is a "must watch". You don't wanna miss it,this as the fight of the year!


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