Thursday, 5 June 2008

Eye Surgery

I’ll be gone these coming 3 days because I’ll be visiting my grandmother who had just been from an operation a week ago due to her cataract. Everything went ok and she is doing well today. I’ll be missing blogging too while I am there. While I was browsing the net, I’ve seen the raise of technology in terms of eye surgery. One eye surgeon, Dr Thomas Tooma, has performed thousands of LASIK surgery and refractive surgeries. Dr Thomas Tooma is really amazing. Dr. Tooma is said to be one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in Southern California, particularly in Orange County. So is anyone in or near Sounthern Cali, better contact this surgeon for an aye operation.


texas_sweetie said...

hi emjei..thanks for adding me here.u have been added na din to my 3 blogs.hope u take care and keep visiting me..i'll do the same..

kyutie said...

hi! i hope that your grandma is ok.. take care,


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