Monday, 3 December 2007

Proudly Pinay.. Charice Pempengco..!!!

I trully idolize this filipina kid Charice Pempengco that is now internationally recognized and was hunted by different international recording companies and shows. I'm so addict na with her videos on the net... Go charice!!!

Here are some videos of Charice in Korea with the Super Junior, amazing(her voice), funny(that everyone was sooo amazed), cute(the Super Junior and the duet! Love it).... I'm sure you'll enjoy these:



Mika said...

WOW... It's a walk in the park for this little wonder the way she sings that song. And she's only 14 years old!

emjei said...

15 years old na mika...:p

Anonymous said...

She was born May 10, 1993 in Cabuyao, Laguna, the Philippines. She'll turn 15 on May 10, 2008. You guys do the math. She is considered 15 yrs old in Korea because they use the Chinese Lunar Calendar wherein you add an extra year to your age during Chinese New Year which falls sometime around February. It's exact date varies from year to year.


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