Saturday, 29 November 2008

Trendy Moms

Yesterday we had our lecture about Maternal and Child nursing as preparation for our board exam for Nursing profession. Our instructor taught us different information about pregnancy like the signs and symptoms, the complications that may occur in pregnancy and the physiologic changes that may happen to pregnant women.

There are lots of physical changes that may happen to pregnant mommies like having larger breast and darkening of their areola, hormonal changes that may result to acne, having edematous legs and most of all gaining weight. Yes, gaining weight is your worst enemy when pregnant because some girls are conscious of their appearance and they want to be beautiful even if their pregnant especially those who are a model previously. Some want their maternity experience be a good one and live like it’s just a normal day. If you are one of them then you need to wear Trendy Maternity Clothes made by good maternity brands and designers like Ingrid and Isabel. Belly Dance Maternity is an online maternity boutique that will truly give you a maternity fashion, juicy maternity that will make you stylish in wearing casual wear. Now pregnancy will not be a reason in not being in the latest fashion or trend.

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