Friday, 18 April 2008

Justice To Michael JOhns

It's really sad last week, when Michael Johns, one of my favorites in American Idol, got eliminated earlier than most people expected. I really miss him now. And now, this week, Kristy Lee Cook's time is over, Haha!, She must have been eliminated mush earlier than MJ, She's no good compared to other contestants, she's just pretty, yeah right, can sing.. but not as good as others. No one expects MJ to be eliminated that early, i remember Chris Daughtry and Catherine Mcphee last season, wherein Chris had a good performance that week than Catherine but Chris was the one that got eliminated, but as far as we know, Chris Daughtry is much famous now with his band Dauhtry than Catherine. I really believe that Michael Johns will be a good recording artist someday. Everyone was really shocked when you watch that episode. The most shocking elimination throughout all seasons, as many people says. And now, only one was left from my favorites, David Cook. I believe that he deserves to be the winner. GO DC!!!

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Tahn said...

I feel so bad that he got taken out. I hope his career will fly like Daughtry's one.

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