Thursday, 4 October 2007

Early Christmas Tag?!..

Geesh not even Halloween yet but I got an early Christmas Tag from Liza..

Here's the Tag...

Santa Claus Cartoon

1.I haven't seen Santa.
2.Santa is
3.If I were in a room with Santa, I would
tell him my secrets..
4.I think Santa should
work out..
5.Santa needs to lose weight...
6.I want to kiss Santa.
7.Someday Santa will
be slim..
8.Santa reminds me of giving presents every christmas.
9.Without Santa there will not be a reason for us to put display socks every christmas..
10.My memories of Santa are
11.Santa can be
mad to children who are hard headed.
12.The worst thing about Santa is he is not aware of how fat he is..
13.The best thing about Santa is, he bring happiness to everyone during christmas.
14.I am worried with Santa.
15.One thing I would like to know about Santa if
he is married..
16.Santa should go and be multiplied.:p
17.Santa give me a present that would make me the happiest person in the world

Give your thoughts by changing the highlighted words...

Im passing this Tag to dipdeep,chibi, Krung and Ron Reyes..


**"Liza"** said...

Glad you did the Tag..heheh sorry kung tag kita lagi anyway you have to copy everything in there then on the very last end lagay mo yung name mo at kung ako yung wishes mo..

Gingr W said...

The worst thing about Santa is he is not aware of how fat he is..

haha!.. that's true. :D

Vinni said...

i will never forget the santa jokes and how mom always made me the good boy during this time.
the blog template is really pretty!


krung'krung said...

hello po tenks for tagging me.. i do really appreciate it.. tenks ulet.. muah!


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