Friday, 22 June 2007


This is a chapter of my life called... STUPIDITY!!!! After class I had to go somewhere and I need to change my clothes... Without knowing, I left my money in the comfort room.. it's just 800pesos.. not that big.. but guys it's still 800.. you can't pick up that amount anywhere right?!? I was very far from my school when I realized that my money was no where to be found in my bag nor in my wallet, then I realized that I left it in the comfort room... I thought of calling my friends.. hoping that they are still in school.. but no one answered my calls... So I decided to come back, and on my way I tried to be sedulous and think positive, but still thought of how stupid I am.. when I was dropped in the school I ran so fast hoping that my 8oo is still there.

When I got in the comfort room, the cubicle where I changed my clothes and left my money was occupied, I was about to knock on the cubicle but it opened suddenly then came a woman and I asked quickly if she found a money she also answered quickly saying "oh.. the 800????" Oh my God, is this true...??? I just thought of that and I can't believe that I left an 800 for a long time maybe around 20 -30 minutes
because of my stupidity and when i came back.. only one person went on that cubicle but I'm not so sure If she's the only one, maybe other's just didn't notice it or just don't mind it.. I don't know... I really just thanked that person a lot... even if I didn't got her name I know that she knows how thankful I am... Call me stupid.. I don't mind.. at least i got my money back! wehehe!!! :p


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