Sunday, 21 December 2008

T-shirts as Gifts

Today, our holiday break, my favorite time of the year, has started and we’ve got a very long vacation. During Christmas break I encounter a lot of experiences like going to a very crowded place to buy gifts that are not really expensive and to have the biggest discount. I don’t want to become broke this coming holiday. Though I know that my godfathers and godmothers will come over our house and give me bucks of money, I still have to be thrifty. That is explains why my favorite season of the year is Christmas and New Year. Now, going back to thinking of what to give my friends, I have a friend who is fond of watching T.V. shows and movies. I don’t want to buy expensive DVDs for them since I don’t have money for that so I think better gifts for him are t-shirts of different kind. He likes UFC so I’m planning to buy him a UFC t-shirts. I also have a friend who loves Seinfeld so I’ll give him a Seinfeld t-shirts. And for my friend who really a fan of Johnny cash, I’ll give her a Johnny cash t-shirts that will surely make their Christmas an unforgettable one.

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Michael Wong 38 said...

hey emjei, i didn't know you were Mai.

i just linked you, you're on the smaller blogroll. every month i put those on the big blogroll and alphabetize.

in the future, email me at and i'll do it faster. :)

just been trying to get a job lately and been so busy.

hugz, michael


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