Saturday, 27 September 2008

Famous Young Actress Scandal! Guess Who...

Another scandal, guess who's in this clip. You'll really be shocked! For Adults only please???

Note: The following video is the property of its respective owner and is used in accordance with Section 107 of the 1979 US Copyright Law (Fair Use). No challenge to ownership is implied. It is being featured purely for educational purposes.

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vicy said...

heheh!!Take care sis

Michael Wong 38 said...

hi Sis, thank you for sticking up for me on my blog. You're the best. OMG you're showing PRON on your blog!!!!! Just kidding. I'm in a Starbucks right now, so I'm not going to click on the link. But when I get home I will.
cheers and keep smiling smiley. :)

Michael Wong 38 said...

hi hi, here is my blogroll:

what would you like to add? i'll do it right away because you are you. cheers

francesca said...


Simply_Haze said...

Can't view it kaya. Why not? hu hu hu. Anyway, just passin' by.....

you take care :)

Anonymous said...


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All the best,


Michael Wong 38 said...

@hey sis, thanks for stopping by. I updated my blogroll with all your new links. Keep them coming. I'll add as many as you have because 1) i love link exchanges 2) you're a wonderful person. WOW! You have been crazy busy and I am so happy to hear that blogging and posting has been paying off nicely for you. So what do you do with the money? Do you go shopping? Do you spend it on fancy gadgets? Most of my money is spent on restaurants and clothes. I really should start saving. I'm going to start making the rounds at your other blogs and learn something. Cheers and keep smiling smiley. -mw38


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