Thursday, 1 May 2008

Labor Day

Today is may 1 and is said to "labor day".... It's a holiday so we decided to go visit some relatives in Tagaytay and to also get some fresh air. We and our cousins enjoyed the trip and we're glad to see some of our relatives from there. The climate is good, unlike here in Manila, It's so freaking hot. It even rained heavily there. We spend the rest of the day there and went home. I'm a bit busy these days and i have no time to check on my internet accounts. Luckily, when i opened my blog, it appears that I had a PR again. I had a pr of 4 on the last few months and became gone after sometime, very sad. But then, it came back again but to a pr of 2 only, it was better than nothing, it took months before it came back, i thought it was gone forever. This made my day. :)


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