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Come back Performance of Britney Spears?

BRITNEY SPEARS - new single - GIMME MORE (Live MTV Video Music Awards 2007)

Its official--Britney Spears is a lost cause. The MTV VMA’s are finally here and the big show is already under way. For the past few weeks there has been a lot of hype surrounding Spears’ supposed ‘comeback’ performance but let’s just say it was less than mediocre. She was wearing heels that she could barely walk in and her performance consisted of her going from one side of the stage to the other in a jeweled bra and panties lip-syncing.
Several sources that had seen Spears’ rehearsals this week said she was great, but her performance during the show didn’t live up to the hype. It was obvious she was really nervous. Criss Angel was supposed to be on stage with Spears as well but he was barely walking across the red carpet during her performance.

Simon Cowell: Britney's Career Is Over

Britney Spears

It's easy to kick someone when their down which is why everyone and their moms are standing in line for a chance to bash Britney and her horrendous VMA performance.

Music mogul Simon Cowell has slammed Spears' MTV VMA appearance - insisting he wouldn't have let her perform if he was her manager. You and the rest of the world!

He says, "If I had been looking after Bitney, I'd have taken one look at her in rehearsals and I wouldn't have allowed her on stage. The song wasn't right, the image wasn't right and she just wasn't rehearsed.

"The problem she has now is that she could have killed her career. It's difficult to come back from that performance, for a while at least."

Despite getting bashed by the critics, the big bosses at 'Extra' have invited Britney to their studios to "show the world what you've got". They released the following statement: "'Extra' is opening its doors to Britney Spears for a second chance at a comeback.

"We've made the call to Spears, inviting her to perform at 'Extra' on our stage in Los Angeles or in Las Vegas at the Extra Lounge in Planet Hollywood's Hotel and Resort.

Homegirl needs damage control and she needs that shit fast! Another 'comeback' performance is the last thing she needs--especially if it's anything like her VMA performance.

Hollyscoop was on the red carpet at the VMA’s and asked the stars if they thought Britney was going to make a comeback and everyone seemed to be really excited and supportive.

Why Britney's Hair Was A Mess

Britney Spears

We've been learning something new everyday ever since Britney's ill-fated VMA performance. Britney Spears’ outfit was obviously a big old mess during the show and it was just revealed that she refused to wear what was picked out for her. We also found out that Britney got into an argument with the hair people right before the show causing them to bail; hence, the mess that was her hair!

The only thing that looked halfway decent that night was her makeup. Thank God she didn’t fire her makeup person or it would be the Matt Lauer interview all over again. Remember the lashes?
"Britney had requested his two female assistants [to do her extensions] since she prefers women around her," and instead she got Ken Paves.
When Ken Paves showed up for her hair, it didn’t go too well with Britney and "He bailed," a source told PeopleMagazine.

Paves' rep said: "Ken made the professional decision not to do her hair for the VMAs."

Britney has become such a stubborn brat that no one wants to work with her. She was so busy being a puppet for everyone when she was growing up that she never had a chance to go throw her 'rebellious stage.' What do you guys think is next for Britney? Should she postpone the release of her new album?

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